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Trip Chainsaw by Christian H. Smith
Trip Chainsaw by Christian H. Smith
Trip Chainsaw by Christian H. Smith


Trip Chainsaw by Christian H. Smith

Madness Heart Press

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For God’s sake, don’t take the acid!

Seven teenagers gather at an isolated house in the woods for an LSD party, but the strange drug annihilates reality and unleashes an irrational nightmare. Jason Stanton is a horror movie fanatic who worships the films of Hooper, Romero, and Raimi. His trip dissolves imagery from these classics into a mélange of pure madness, and externalizes his hallucinations into a real world acid party chainsaw massacre. Trip Chainsaw is like an ultra-violent video nasty in your head, with a post-modern twist of hallucinogenic insanity.

It’s a bad trip.

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Mike R.
United States United States

Blood Stained Pages Of Trippiness

A Horror Bookworm Recommendation Trip Chainsaw by Christian H. Smith Way out in the country sits an old isolated house, seven friends plan the perfect mind-expanding party. However, when a stranger knocks on the door of this acid trip of a party, it quickly becomes a hallucinogenic disaster. Dabbling in psychedelic drugs and a fan of horror movies, the evaluation of subject Jason Stanton, has begun as part of the investigation of “that night”. Every once in a blue moon a book crosses your reading path that totally relates to an inner guilty pleasure. Enter Trip Chainsaw by Christian H. Smith. Remember that funny feeling you felt in your tummy when you watched Evil Dead for the first time? How about Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Return Of The Living Dead? Welcome to the equivalent book form of those classic films…Trip Chainsaw. Lumbering zombies, foul demonic entities and fear of spiders, these classic horror film settings are all included within the blood stained pages of this trippy story. Add some LSD intoxication within a secluded wooded area and you have a recipe for one heck of a chainsaw buzzing good time. It doesn’t get any better than over-the-top evil and being stoned on the effects of a new strange drug at the same time…right?! Just remember kids, Drugs Are Bad, mmKay? Written with distorted colors of horror and a small dab of found footage, this work of unholy fiction leaves a strong metallic aftertaste of intense imagery. Christian H. Smith brilliantly lures the reader into the darkness of his basement by incorporating a kaleidoscope of creepiness, gore and unworldly organic horror. What happens in Smith’s basement stays in Smith’s basement. (Cue the ominous music!) Brought to you by “Eager Beaver” chainsaws and Madness Heart Press, this is a Five Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation if there ever was one.