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Toxic Maternal by C A Baynam
Toxic Maternal by C A Baynam
Toxic Maternal by C A Baynam


Toxic Maternal by C A Baynam

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"WARNING: Please do not read this if you are easily shocked, disgusted or offended. This is not for you.

In the heart of a decaying mansion, the bonds between a mother and her adult children are twisted into a horrifying abusive nightmare. "Mother" demands that her children return to the mansion every full moon, if not they face the consequences.

As Sarah and Andrew return, they are thrust straight into their "Mothers" grotesque and violent plans. An unholy pact that would see "Mother" with all the power that she would desire.

"Toxic Maternal" is a tale of absolute depravity and darkness where there are no happy endings."
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Nat W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Family Can Be Messy

I mean suddenly all the horror moms of the past do not look so bad in comparison. This woman is all shades of crazy, so I get why Andrew and Sarah were keen not to return. The detail in this extreme and messed-up story is to the max, so the trigger warnings at the beginning are no joke. Because it starts off like an abusive household situation but gets so much worse. I mean it's not enough that she tortured these two as kids, now she has power over them well into adulthood. If you are looking for a happy ending you won't find it here. The story just seems to get more intense and stomach-turning as it continues. But the psychological components in this story, Damn, they hit hard. Especially if you have mommy issues, this story will open some old wounds even if the abuse you experienced is mainly psychological. C A Baynam is a woman not to be messed with, she knows how to write a truly disturbing story packed with action and horror. There is never a dull moment from start to horrifying finish, beautifully written, intensely passed. This read will have you enticed and too captivated to look away, even with your mind begging you to.

Paige R.
United States United States
I recommend this product


This one was a WILD one. I was informed there will be a prologue and epilogue added to this story by the author in one of my splatterpunk groups. :D so excited!

Dan S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I'd rather have Norman Bates' mom

Baynam does this so brilliant and... nasty. It's a quick read that is sure to stay with you. You are brought into a horrible dynamic that anyone with mommy issues will love/loathe! TOXIC MATERNAL makes Norman Bates mom look like the Sunday school teacher. This is uncomfortably awesome!

The Q.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Well Written Violence And Gore Fest.

Hello and welcome to one of my very rare reviews. Hopefully these will become a more common occurrence. Where to start with Toxic Maternal? I picked up this novelette from Godless. Not everything on Godless is extreme horror, but Toxic Maternal definitely is. As with all good extreme horror, it is brutal from start to finish. There is a story weaved into all the brutality and gore. It is there from the start. It isn’t just something tacked on at the end. Nor is it one of those preaching, moral stories. Bad things happen and continue to happen. In terms of writing: The author uses a very simple and easy to understand style. Again, you aren’t working for it, making this an ideal relaxing read (if your reading preferences lean more towards endless violence and gore). I probably shouldn’t have read it in the hair salon though. As this seems to come up in the extreme horror places on the internet, the grammar and spelling are spot on throughout. I don’t even think any typos made through however many rounds of editing Toxic Maternal had. I do recommend this book. I am hoping to have it on Story Time later in the year when I start filming again. The Queen of Filth, Dani Brown February 2024