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Theresa Derwin

Theresa Derwin


HWA member Theresa Derwin writes Urban Fantasy & Horror and has over sixty anthology acceptances, one in Below the Stairs with Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell and Paul Kane and recently in Daughters Of Darkness from Black Angel Press and Brigid’s Gate Press’ Weretales.

When she became too ill to work, she accepted medical ‘escape’ to pursue a writing career. As well as physical disabilities she has cognitive function issues, and writing gives her an escape from her illnesses.

She's had four collections published and has edited over nine anthologies. Her forthcoming books include ‘God’s Vengeance’ from Crystal Lake Publishing. Her most recent collection is ‘Hearts and Bones’ from Demain Publishing.

She is the 2019 HWA Mary Shelley Scholarship recipient.

She also just survived a part-time MA Creative Writing.

Like her brain, her website is currently on hiatus as she moves house.

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