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The Woman Shrouded in Flies by Nicholas Gray
The Woman Shrouded in Flies by Nicholas Gray

The Woman Shrouded in Flies by Nicholas Gray

Nicholas Gray

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Young Troy is sick of his parents fighting. Even while camping, on a supposed vacation, all his parents seem to do is bicker. 

Troy has had enough of it. 

He storms out of the camper and runs out into the neighboring woods, where he stumbles over something horrifying. His parents are too wrapped up in an argument to notice their only child is missing.

Is it too late?
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Christina P.
A must read!

This was a twisty, windy tale and I flipping loved it! Just when you start to feel for a character, they do something terrible and you hope for their death. 5/5 swarming flies

Michael J.
Unique Mystery

Gray can write. He can set up a great story and characters in very few pages. This was disturbing. It's sad and gloomy. Gray will be an instant buy from me.

Karla P.
Do Not Eat While Reading!

"He tried to think of a time when they were all happy together, but he couldn't remember such a time." Mostly told from the perspective of Troy, a 12/13 year old boy struggling with having to listen to his parents constantly argue. Struggling to fit in and questioning his own identity. While on a camping trip he runs into the woods to escape from his reality, but what he finds there shakes his world. This is only the beginning, the touching, relatable part of the story. Then....the extreme hits like a ham dammer! Nick has a really strong plot throughout this extreme little novelette. It's gruesome, disturbing, stomach churning, and takes us on a path of uneasiness. The descriptiveness of what Troy encounters in the woods and what happens to him was so revolting, it left me with a foulness in the back of my throat. There is more that occurs that is vile and detestable, but those will have to be left unsaid as to not reveal too much of the story. Fair warning that this is extreme horror and there is definitely content that may be triggering. It's very brutal and hits hard and fast! It's a Crackerjack! (less)

Todd L.
Fly and maggots, oh my...

What evil lurks in the wood that surround Young Troy. His parents take him on a long needed vacation, but can not stop fighting. Troy wonders off an finds a lady covered in flys and maggots. What happened to her is revealed and someone has to pay. What could have been a wonderful family vacation turns into a nightmare.