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The Whorehouse That Jack Built (Part 4 - Grandma Spuckler) by Kevin Sweeney
The Whorehouse That Jack Built (Part 4 - Grandma Spuckler) by Kevin Sweeney

The Whorehouse That Jack Built (Part 4 - Grandma Spuckler) by Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney

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Mary Maggie Darling had too many holes, and this had too many holes. Bear-Maiden had too much flesh, and this had too much flesh. The thing called Grandma Spuckler was surely a demon from some obscure corner of the Depths, because nothing human could be so... and still live.

The nameless albino meets the result of three hundred years of inbreeding, and a twisted family tree with its roots in its branches.
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Gerhard G.
I recommend this product

You haven't lived until you've touched and experienced the holy artifact described in the pages of this book. Read on.

With Godless, there are so many books that I WANT to read next that I sometimes my head end up all discombobulated and I NEED to read. This has been the case with the series, The Whorehouse That Jack Built, by Kevin Sweeney. This series started strong, and has only gotten better with each step of the journey. So, shame on me for falling behind. And I have so many questions, so I should be up to date on this. For example, there is some slobby poo poo. But, holy shit? What is going on with that. And, personally, I am not a man of faith, and I have never had much use for tombs, splinters, or shrouds. But when Sweeney takes a stab at a holy artifact, it is somehow more palatable, more tasteful, than when the JWs or Mormons appear on my doorstep. But perhaps that says more about me than it does about the author of James & the Giant Pulsating Mass of Pissing, Shitting, Screaming, Puking, Burping, Bleeding, Farting, Sweating, Ejaculating, Genetically Modified Mutant Monster Meat.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Frazzling the imagination

Hehe, this one reminds me of the bit from Flash Gordon film where the initiate puts their hand in many deadly holes. Ouch! Got a translation of the R'lyehian amid the screams for you - 'Death, death ... go realm of darkness. Amen'. 'My father, my father... death'. 'My body, its integrity....'. 'Death...'. Yep, that sums it up. What a ride! You gotta read it for sure.