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The Whorehouse That Jack Built (Part 1 -The Celestial) by Kevin Sweeney
The Whorehouse That Jack Built (Part 1 -The Celestial) by Kevin Sweeney


The Whorehouse That Jack Built (Part 1 -The Celestial) by Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney


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It was a whorehouse, but not one open to just anyone. To get there you had to be dying or insane. The services offered were all offered for the same price, which was everything you had. There were paths there that only those who had crossed the border into the Undiscovered Country could find, if they knew the landmarks to follow, the signs to watch for.

Clem followed and watched and two days ago his mule had done died of exhaustion and it was just him and Lady keepin’ on who knew how and finally they came to a dead town with no name at twilight and a whorehouse with a sign above the door that Clem could not read:


A whorehouse run by demons. A whorehouse that offered the greatest pleasures a man could ever want... in exchange for everything he had.

Am I gonna do this? Am I really gonna...

The cancer in his belly twisted spikes through his impacted bowels and in front of him lay Lady, a sacrifice.

And Clem pushed that door open and stepped across the threshold.

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Nikolas P. Robinson
United States United States
I recommend this product
A Great Start To What Is Sure To Be a Great Series

Kevin Sweeny's The Whorehouse That Jack Built could be best described as what one might arrive at if they attempted to blend Hellraiser with The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, and set the tale in the late 1800s. There's plenty of humor, though of a darker variety, and there's a whole lot of focus on the place where pleasure meets pain in a sublime confluence. For the dying and the insane, a choice is given to cross the rubicon, to enter the Half-World in the Undiscovered Country. By giving up everything, the damned are provided with a chance to experience something no living soul, a single night of pleasure beyond anything available in Heaven or on Earth. All it costs is everything. We're first introduced to this in-between house of carnal delights as Clem approaches the door with his old dog, Lady, by his side. Lady is no stranger to Clem's sexual predilections, having served as his partner since she was a small pup. Aside from his blood, sweat, seed, and soul, Lady is the final sacrifice Clem makes as he crosses the threshold. Will he regret this decision or will the unearthly pleasures provided in the countless rooms of the whorehouse be sufficient to assuage the loss of his beloved Lady? As a dog lover--of a vastly different definition--I was not fond of Clem. Clem's part in this narrative also includes language that, while appropriate to the time and the location, might offend some readers. It's no less enjoyable for these things. Hell, it's probably more enjoyable for the historical authenticity and the attention to detail Sweeny included. We're next introduced to the albino preacher who arrives at the Half-World doors for an entirely different purpose, contrary to those of the usual guests. This new arrival comes just as the story comes to its end, leaving us wishing for more. Thankfully, the second installment in this series is already available, and there is more to come.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Brutally brilliant!

A whorehouse run by demons, what could be better than that? You can have your hearts desire, as long as you're willing to give up everything....including 'fun times' with your dog! Brutal, and brilliant, can't wait for more !

Todd L.
Canada Canada
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We Have Such Sights To Show You!

I got to the last page, not knowing it was the last, fuck you! That’s how to end a book 1. I’m new to reading Sweeney, this is my second or third book, can’t wait for part 2. Sweeney’s writing style is brilliant! Not sure why this doesn’t have more reviews.

Simon M.
Australia Australia
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Sweeny sold his soul for this Masterpiece.

A book to rival Sweeney's infamous Seven Sins series. For a flicker of a moment I felt something inside me move that only stirs when I turn the pages of the greatest books.

Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
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Kevin Sweeney's new offering taps into the Art.

The whorehouse that Jack built is reminiscent of the great and secret show. It is by far my favorite story by Sweeney so far!