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The Trick by Douglas Ford
The Trick by Douglas Ford
The Trick by Douglas Ford


The Trick by Douglas Ford

Madness Heart Press

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In his follow-up to Little Lugosi (A Love Story), Douglas Ford reveals a new trick up his sleeve: an occult odyssey of weird magic, dark fate, and macabre use of human skin. When Adam attends a magic show, he has no idea that he will leave with something inked into his hand, a tattoo with origins that extend back thousands of years, as well as a destiny in a swamp on the borderland of Vissaria County. Behold the chains of the ink!

“The Trick opens with magic and ends with a fever-dream of ritualistic chaos. This is a story so unbridled and visceral, it can only come from the mind of Douglas Ford. Strange and incredibly immersive, it will keep you guessing until the last page.”

—Holly Rae Garcia, author of Parachute


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Derik C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fast paced and unsettling

When a magician’s dirty trick transfers a Satanic tattoo onto the reluctant protagonist’s hand, what follows is a wild ride of murder, mayhem, and the macabre. The Trick is a fast-paced and unsettling read that takes the reader on an unholy journey through the seedy underworld of the occult. If you’re looking for something original, terrifying, and bizarre, this is for you!!

The V.
United States United States

A Wild Ride

About a year ago I put out a review of Little Lugosi by Douglas Ford. So I think it is highly appropriate that I put out a review of The Trick which takes place in the same world as Little Lugosi. Adam and his wife, Nataliya get a little more than they bargained for while attending a magic show. Nataliya is foreign born and comes from a family steeped in old ways, folk tales and traditions. Adam is a typical hard working laborer who does not believe in all of that mumbo jumbo. After the “magic” happens at the show, he is dumbfounded and has to find a way to take the “magic” off. This leads them on an adventure to find the person that can undo what was done. They meet some friends along the way and together they venture to face what they have no idea is waiting for them! I really enjoyed reading this story! Ford has created his own world full of twists and turns and with such vivid imagery that it is very easy to feel like the reader is there watching everything unfold. I cannot wait to read more from this sick and twisted little hamlet of Ford’s mind!

Matt H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

The Trick is a real treat!

Douglas Ford's latest, The Trick, is a gruesome tale sure to impress fans of strange body horror. Like Little Lugosi before it, Ford writes a story that has you care about the characters as much as the plot, which here moves along at a very good clip. I won't spoil the titular trick here, or it's unexpected consequences, suffice to say that Ford continues on a hot streak that shows no signs of slowing. A great book, highly recommended!

Mike R.

As Is Above So Is Below

A Horror Bookworm Recommendation The Trick by Douglas Ford While attending a night club with his wife, Adam becomes the focus of an amateur magician. After being singled out and taking the stage, he reluctantly agrees to be a volunteer for a magic trick involving tattooed flesh. Little does Adam know his world is going to be turned upside down and inside out…literally. Douglas Ford pulls back the curtains to reveal immortal and wicked mysteries in his latest book The Trick. Occult traditions and worshipped deities allow multiple levels of unearthly and unholy factors. Depictions of these evil symbolisms, goat-headed figures and End Times are all just a dark black stone’s throw away from a frightening reality. Ford’s surreal style of writing makes him the modern day Grimm’s fairy tale storyteller. The reason I say this is not only the disturbing plots and the modern day twists, but the classic folklore vibe exuding elements of universal fears and desires. The Trick by Douglas Ford embodies strange incantations of the heart, mind and spirit. As is above so is below…Douglas Ford brings it all together in a taboo ceremony of fantastical fiction. A five pointed star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation.