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The Tears of a Raging God (The Godless Bible - Sermon 2) by The Reverend
The Tears of a Raging God (The Godless Bible - Sermon 2) by The Reverend
The Tears of a Raging God (The Godless Bible - Sermon 2) by The Reverend

The Tears of a Raging God (The Godless Bible - Sermon 2) by The Reverend

The Professor

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Introducing THE REVEREND.

The Professor has found God and this is the first of his X-rated sermons casting new light on key narratives from the Bible.

Are you prepared for a particularly provocative, yet deeply spiritual, presentation of God and humanity?

In Sermon Two, The Reverend considers the Flood.

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Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product


This is the second sermon in the Godless Bible, if you havent read the first one yet, you better get on it before you are struck down by a Reverend shaped lightning bolt! ⚡ This sermon is the re-telling of Noahs Ark! Retold the Reverends way! Which can only mean that it is a tale full of beautiful, dark prose. Intriguing and entrancing, hypnotising you and holding you hostage, sensually, until the very end! A tale full of floods of tears that will wash away the evil in humanity! And leave you breathless and wanting more! Come, worship with The Reverend at the Church of Godless! ✝️✝️

Dakota D.
United States United States

God Weeps For All Us Sinners

Oh, what God must have felt to see all of his creations delve headfirst into lives full of sin. The pain of watching each and every one of your children and your children’s children lead precocious lives, becoming tainted and unworthy to enter their true father’s holy gates! The Reverend’s interpretation of the story of Noah’s Arc turns the story known across the globe into a something heartbreaking, watching God himself weep and plead for someone to take on the greatest task man had ever known up until that point. The Reverend’s poetic writing style conjures up beautiful images as I read through each sentence, painting each scene on my mind’s eye. No other author in the scene is able to consistently create such beautiful works of art that are equally brutal and vile.

Karla K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

It's Not Cruelty, It's Compassion

Noah, the great patriarch chosen by God because of his blameless piety. Chosen to perpetuate humanity and teach them to flourish in a sinless life. To be fruitful and multiply and resist all evil. He hears his calling and he answers. He understands the hurt and the pain. The suffering as the lord watches the wickedness of his people. He now understands his mission and prepares for the flood of tears. “Even the children. Oh, God, even the children! Tainted as they are. There can be nothing for them but tears now. Tears of love. Tears to wash them. Tears to wash their impurities from the earth. Tears to carry them away.” The restoration of goodness has begun! Beautifully written, evoking thoughtfulness towards compassion and understanding. Haunting throughout, imagine the suffering felt so deeply it causes a bleeding and wounded heart. The poetic form, imagery, and symbolism is illuminating!!