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The Splatter Club

The Splatter Club

The Splatter Club began as an online book club, but we aim at making it a whole lot more. Please use this group to celebrate and discuss all things splattery.

Feel free to post your current reads and movies, share reviews and ask for recommendations, share free stories and genre blogs, as well as open any discussion that you may find of interest to the extreme and bizarro community. Please GIVE more than you TAKE and limit SELF-PROMOTION to SUNDAYS ONLY.

As we continue to grow there will be professional development, publishing opportunities, and interactive events for writers and readers who want to become even more involved in the industry.

Here’s what we have so far:

Select stories for the Splatter Club to publish (yes, YOU!):

Year-Round Submissions:

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More on our mission here:

SPLATTER MOVIES: Independent filmmakers we would love to support you! If you have an independent movie with wide distribution, please Joe Spagnola to help organize a group watch party at

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