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The Sinner by K. Trap Jones
The Sinner by K. Trap Jones

The Sinner by K. Trap Jones

Blood Bound Books

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First Place Winner of the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award - Horror/Dark Fantasy Unpublished Novel

Wrath - Greed - Sloth - Gluttony - Lust - Envy - Pride

A lone farmer is chosen by God to test the boundaries of sin. Isolated in a cave with only a candle, quill and parchment, the farmer is burdened by awakening each day within a predetermined encounter with one of the seven deadly sins and their associated demons. This chilling novel is the translation of those encounters written in a classical narrative format, and the ending will leave you shocked!


"Mr. Jones knows his evil, and every page drips with darkness and despair. THIS is the new breed and the old all in one. Goddamn this was a dark book. THIS is the true future of Horror Fiction. Accept no weak substitutes."

"Jones' writings will stimulate imagination and present sobering food for thought. I got a lot out of The Sinner. I think you will get a lot out of it also."

"Read as though Poe had taken Dante and penned it with the longwinded pace of a Longfellowian epic, albeit much, much darker. This is horror fiction for the patient reader. It won't race you along like, say, Rice, but it will hold your interest right up until the last surprising proclamation of the last page."

"A great read for fans who like the lyric style of epic poems like The Inferno and those who are big on biblical demons."

"This novel in verse shares an illustrious history, tapping not into the stream of Dante and his influence but into the later, more popular Medieval Dream Visions."
− Michael Collings