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The Sexual Avenger (Book #3) by Matthew Vaughn
The Sexual Avenger (Book #3) by Matthew Vaughn
The Sexual Avenger (Book #3) by Matthew Vaughn

The Sexual Avenger (Book #3) by Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn


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There's a new cock in town, and it's giving The Sexual Avenger a bad name. Curious to figure out what's going on, our hero discovers something he had never expected would ever be possible. In a Duel of pork swords, can The Sexual Avenger’s Dong of Justice defeat The Dick-tater?

Justice is coming, and it's coming hard.

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Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product


First of all, if you havent read the first two books in this series, I suggest you do so... you are missing out on some hilariously brilliant fun! I absolutely LOVE this series! In this installment it looks like the Sexual Avenger may have met his match when he unexpectedly comes across Dick-Tater! But theres more to it than meets the (japs)eye! So much more! Completely and splendidly bonkers, and so much naughty fun! In particular, the photo shoot with the cops had me howling with laughter!! ‍♂️ And I still cant get my 'purple' head around just how many nicknames for the male genitalia there are! Informative and highly entertaining! Get some Sexual Vengeance in your life! You wont regret it! ‍♂️ 5/5

Christina P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

You won’t see this one… coming.

It opens with The Sexual Avenger battling a villian named The Dick-Tater (I died laughing with this one) by their… well, it’s the third story, you should know what they are fighting with. (And if you don’t SHAME ON YOU!) Anyway, The Sexual Avenger had to hunt down The Dick-Tater to clear his name but boy oh boy, is there a reveal that no one will be prepared for. You will never see it … coming (*nudge, wink*). I love this series. It’s one of my favorites out right now. The humor is off the charts, the characters are insane, and the penis names (and breasts names) are *chef’s kiss*. A few favs for penis are: pork sword, custard cannon, and mutton machete. For breasts, my favs are: love biscuits and sweater zeppelins. I’m sorry but if you can’t appreciate those literary beauts, I can’t help you! You will laugh the whole way through. Go. Get it. Prove me wrong. I’ll wait.