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The Passion of Pilate's Wife by The Professor
The Passion of Pilate's Wife by The Professor
The Passion of Pilate's Wife by The Professor

The Passion of Pilate's Wife by The Professor

The Professor

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In the days immediately following the Crucifixion, Pontius Pilate is a haunted man. His twisted, obsessive mind dwells relentlessly on the warning his wife had given him when Christ had been brought to him:

‘Have nothing to do with this innocent man. I have suffered terribly in a dream because of him.’

In Pilate’s fevered mind, the details of this dream become increasingly erotic...and horrifying.

Only one thing can end his suffering.

There must be more torture, more punishment.

There must be another execution.

This time, he will have blood on his hands. And he doubts he will be able to wash it away...
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Dakota D.
United States United States

This Is Beautiful, This Is Art!

I have to start this off by saying each and every single one of The Professor’s pieces are art, a performance that begins on the page and makes it way into your mind. He sets his stage, and begins his theatrical display inside your mind, portraying well known figures throughout time in brutal and erotic ways. Normally, such writing may come off as smutty and lewd, but from the pen of our favorite scholar, it comes out as something that the human body craves; genuine art. To quote a little band known as Pig Destroyer, “This is disgusting, it's pornography… No, no, no. This is beautiful, this is art." Pontius Pilate’s distaste for Jesus has no limits, and the jealousy he feels over his wife showing emotion for his death, but never for anything involving Pilate, brings him to the edge of sanity. With the crucifixion fresh in his mind, he decides that his own wife must meet the God she loves so much in a similar, but arguable worse, fashion. I was hoping that The Professor would one day take on The Bible, and I’m glad to see it happen sooner rather than later! The crucifying of Jesus is something incredibly brutal and has The Professor written all over it. In ways only he can, The Professor turned the single biggest event in The Bible into something disturbingly erotic, a form of dark age extreme BDSM, where there are no safe words and it ends in bitter bloodshed. I can’t believe something so blasphemous still fills me with inspiration and wonder. The scholarly writings of The Professor continue to be some of the best works of fiction in the indie world.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Beautifully dark and erotic

Well, once again I have been lured into listening to The Professors dulcet tones, enthralling me with his latest tale of horror and depravity! His voice makes it almost feel like he's reading you a sexy, romance! But it's not! Although it is beautiful, elegant and erotic, it is equally dark and brutal! I had to physically cross my legs at one point!! Ouch!! If you haven't partaken in The Professor yet, you truly are missing out!! His work is horrific perfection! Every story he writes pulls you in faster and deeper than before! Believe me when I say, you NEED The Prof in your life!

Regina W.
United States United States
I recommend this product

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The hottest, most sensual thing I've read in months...but, then, the horror audience knows by now I have an appreciation for the religious things in life, death, and sex. Reminds me of Baudelaire and Rimbaud.