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The Mud Ballad by Jo Quenell
The Mud Ballad by Jo Quenell


The Mud Ballad by Jo Quenell

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Never be alone again.

In a dying railroad town, a conjoined twin wallows in Purgatory for the murder of his brother. A disgraced surgeon goes to desperate ends to reconnect with his lost love.

When redemption comes with a dash of black magic, the two enter a world of talking corpses, flesh-eating hogs, rude mimes, and ritualistic violence.

"A Southern Gothic folk tale steeped in black humor and the occult. If you enjoyed Geek LoveNightmare Alley, or the works of Joe R. Lansdale, you'll love the unique brand of literary madness Jo Quenell has conjured with The Mud Ballad." - Brendan Vidito, author of the Wonderland Award winning Nightmares in Ecstasy