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The Legend of The Demon by Nick Burgin
The Legend of The Demon by Nick Burgin

The Legend of The Demon by Nick Burgin

Nick Burgin

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Germany, near The Black Forest. Teenaged boys and girls have been going missing. No ransom notes, no signs of struggles, no evidence.
In London Professor Adrien Marquez, son of Doctor Alfred Marquez, has received information that may link the disappearances to the ancient Demon Tar'aq. Along with one of his top students, he sets off to Germany to try and stop the demon once and for all.

Basel, Switzerland. Lindsay Egan, witch extraordinaire, is preparing to once more join the fight. But this time she needs back-up. Another witch will join her, but first they need to survive the brutal witch-hunt that has ravaged central Europe. Her friends need her, and they're out of ideas. If her new plan doesn't succeed, the demon wins.

368 AD, Dehistan, Persia. As Princess Ifra, nailed to the wall at her brother's party, violated and dying, she is offered a chance. A chance at a new life. A chance at eternal beauty. A chance at revenge against a world that wronged her. She accepts the offer. An acceptance that could change the course of history and bring an eternity of darkness to the world.