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The Harvester by K. Trap Jones
The Harvester by K. Trap Jones

The Harvester by K. Trap Jones

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"Rare is a book that envisions evil the way this one does. Return to the world of the Farmer, where the measure of a man’s devotion is as slender as a scythe’s edge. With THE HARVESTER, K. Trap Jones has surpassed the majesty he created in THE SINNER. This is truly a novel for the ages.” ~ Brian W. Matthews, author of FOREVER MAN

Armed with the knowledge of his true identity and the seven demons by his side, the lone farmer is released from his isolation and enters the world with a mission: deliver sin to mankind. It’s the greatest story ever told, by the most unlikely of narrators.
In this sequel to THE SINNER, K. Trap Jones takes us back to the tormented crossroads between good and evil while exposing another view behind the creation of Hell and civilization’s first encounters with sin.

When all hope is gone, who can be trusted? This isn't the devil you know, it’s… THE HARVESTER.