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The Green Tea Heist by Donald Armfield
The Green Tea Heist by Donald Armfield


The Green Tea Heist by Donald Armfield

Hybrid Sequence Media

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Tommy Two is a man of fine tastes – cars, clothes, women…himself. But more importantly, Tommy Two is a criminal – the kind that specializes in a certain brand of crime. The Australian-born malefactor is an American-based pirate, robbing and pillaging high-brow cruise liners for their riches. Tommy takes what seems to be an all-too-easy job. With the ease comes an easily overlooked, but dangerous, catch – he and a man named Benjamin are to escort, and document, the effects of something called “Green Tea”. A mysterious green fluid that induces fear, death, and grotesque forms of fornication among the undead victims. Is Tommy Two successful enough to pull off a sea-bound heist with the horrors of Hell biting at his feet? Sit back, have a cup of Green Tea, and prepare for a rip-roaring rampage through undead waters. Musically maniacal—filled to the brim with scenes of gratuity – blood, guts, gore, sex, and insanity, that rings back to the pulpy paperbacks of the yesteryears.