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THE GLUTTONS: Extreme Horror (The SeVIIn Sick Sins Book 2) by Kevin Sweeney
THE GLUTTONS: Extreme Horror (The SeVIIn Sick Sins Book 2) by Kevin Sweeney

THE GLUTTONS: Extreme Horror (The SeVIIn Sick Sins Book 2) by Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney

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It's the dinner party from HELL.

Four more people have been abducted by the Disciple of Iscariot and his deranged followers. Accused of the sin of gluttony, they are told that their only hope of surviving is by eating whatever is placed before them. Three courses will be served, and whoever eats the least of each will be executed. Who will still be alive when the meal is finished, and what will they have had to consume to keep their throats from being slit?

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst this can be read as a standalone title, this is listed as the second story in a series called the SeVIIn Sick Sins... the first story is unavailable at the present time as Amazon refuse to stock it because it is TOO extreme. As soon as an alternative outlet is available, this listing will be updated to allow you to purchase the first installment called "The Lusty" at an alternative stockist.


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Andy C.
Shark Sandwich? Should Have Been Called Shit Sandwich!

The Gluttons is the second installment of the SeVIIn Sick Sins. The second sin follows in the wake of The Lusty, and the platform on the dark web that people share their depraved videos. Lily is the main character we follow through the story, and this is something that was a switch I disliked a bit. The mystery of The Lusty felt like it was lacking in The Gluttons. Nonetheless, The Gluttons is also a very disgusting, and visceral installment. Although it happens to be my least favorite of the lot so far it still is great. This time there are four contestants. Lily, Bjorn, Leland, and a mysterious character. Lily is a competitive eater, as is Bjorn, but poor Bjorn has been exploited into the role by his mother due to his Prader-Willi syndrome and low IQ. Leland is a chef that specializes in videos cooking up radical dishes that are expensive, and absolutely ludicrous meals no one can afford. The last gentleman is a mystery until later. Three rounds, don’t come in last or you won’t move to the next round, and the last person standing gets to live. The contestants are put through a series of nasty feats that they must endure. Some very very disgusting, and disturbing. I have to give The Gluttons by Kevin Sweeney four shit sandwiches out of five blood rusted secateurs. My main dislike of this entry I already explained. The change in writing style, and following one character. This took away a lot of mystery. Nevertheless, it is still an engrossing read, and will gross you out!

Gerhard G.
We could all take a lesson from this writer!

Sweeney has this formula that he created and employed for this series: He took four people, threw their sins at them, and the last man standing got to live. It is like a dungeon themed elimination style reality game show. One that, in anyone else's hands, could not have faired half as well. Sweeny keeps the episodes fresh by bringing original characters to the table. These aren't cookie-cutter people thrown into different situations. If he had done that here, his stories would have come across very badly, most of all because the situations are basically the same. Only the sins have changed. Even the antagonists are the same, and they are faceless. Thus, they may as way be automated (which I am sure was intended). Sweeney lives and dies by his ability to build believable characters from scratch, and not only does he live, but he thrives! I look forward to reading the rest of this series!

Rayne H.

This is the perfect addition to the franchise. So much... everything, you have gross, yuck, and absolute disgust. What more could you ask for? Excellent writing and overall great story, looking forward to the next.

Simon M.
It's been an hour and I still feel sick

I cringed and gagged my way through the entire story. Sweeny is a master of describing vulgar acts.