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The First Girl by Thomas R. Clark
The First Girl by Thomas R. Clark
The First Girl by Thomas R. Clark

The First Girl by Thomas R. Clark

Thomas R Clark

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We all remember the final girl, but no one remembers The First Girl, except for the serial killer she haunts…

For going on three decades, the World Famous™ Parahunters have entertained audiences around the globe with their Emmy® Award winning syndicated television program. Now, courtesy of the Your Creepy Stories podcast, for the first time ever, you can enjoy the supernatural wonders of the Parahunters, transcribed into print form for your reading pleasure!

THE FIRST GIRL aired in 1999 during the inaugural season of the World Famous™ Parahunters. The episode went on to win multiple awards, including a Silver Screamy for Outstanding Presentation in a Reality Television Program, and made the Parahunters household names. 

Why was it so successful? What was it about this program that has endured the Buffetts to so many viewers across the Earth’s time zones? The answers to these questions, and more, are provided within these pages, brave reader.

Featuring the only public interview ever given to convicted serial killer Trevor Churchill Williams, aka the Deathway Driver, this special transcription of THE FIRST GIRL comes complete with commentary from the World Famous™ Parahunters themselves, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore and Elaine Buffett, and the host of True Creepy Stories, legendary investigative reporter, Ernie Carson!