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The Faithful by Matt Hayward
The Faithful by Matt Hayward

The Faithful by Matt Hayward

Sinister Grin Press

At the Mountains of Madness meets They Live! in a new novel from Matt Hayward, the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of What Do Monsters Fear?

After comedian Leo Cartwright performs his farewell comedy show in New York City, a young man ailed by cerebral palsy confides in him about odd dreams and a place he calls No Man’s Land. Leo thinks nothing of it until the man, Christopher Tate, winds up dead, along with a cryptic note taped to the comedian’s RV window: See you soon, Funnyman.

Leo sets out to find the truth about Christopher’s dreams to an odd town named Elswich. Shown to Leo in a dream by a mysterious man named Jarrad Prescott, the town prays to an Otherworldly god named Aypep and give their bodies to host his children in return for eternal life in the Otherworld.

It’s a wish granted through sacrifice…

“… the future of the horror genre is changing hands, and there is a whole new brew of writers assuming the task. Matt Hayward leading that pack.” - Edward Lee, author of The Bighead and White Trash Gothic






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