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The Coliseum by Patrick Lestewka
The Coliseum by Patrick Lestewka

The Coliseum by Patrick Lestewka

Necro Publications

Deep in the Canadian back country a new experiment in extreme penal punishment is underway. Although officially known as the Innuvik Penitentiary, it’s more widely known as:

The Coliseum.

On October 15th, 1993, the first twenty prisoners were unleashed. These were the worst of the worst. Brutal criminals, psychopaths, lunatics, call them what you will.
Today there is a batch of new fish.
Harlan Rudduck, called The Beast, and boy is he, physically and mentally. A brutal and ruthless killer sentenced to battle the other beasts haunting the inside of a prison Hell wouldn’t even want.
Albert Rose, a simple and meek man who buries himself in his work. Then one day he loses his job and then finds out an awful secret about his wife. Now he’s about to find out what happens when you kill the wrong man.
Jackson Cantrell, a brilliant and charismatic man. Good qualities unless you’re also a complete psychopath working for the Lord. It began with convincing his brother to jab his own eyes out with a fork to “see the light.” And now, after sending 487 of his followers to meet their maker, Cantrell’s manic faith is about to be tested as he and his fellow inmates are unshackled and released into The Coliseum.
How long will they survive? What became of the original 20 prisoners? And what the hell is breeding in the deep, dark recesses of…THE COLISEUM!







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