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The Blade of Cain by Nick Burgin
The Blade of Cain by Nick Burgin

The Blade of Cain by Nick Burgin

Nick Burgin

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October 31st - Día de Muertos, The Day of The Dead.New Orleans, a city where the supernatural reigns supreme. A place where myths and legends are part of history. No more so than on the day when thousands gather in the streets, for the festival of festivals, to remember those who have passed, to celebrate their lives and help with their spiritual journey into the afterlife. For some, however, it’s a day when they can exploit the mystical energy pulsing through the streets, and through every soul in every congregation. After a series of gruesome murders rock the city, Detectives Jackson “Jay” Johnson, and Annabelle Gerard must seek out and stop the so-called Cain and Abel killer, a man with the power to control minds and warp realities. A man bent on evil and anarchy. A man who won't stop until his seven sins have been carried out with the deadly precision of a man devoted to sheer, uncontrollable insanity.