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The Bighead by Edward Lee
The Bighead by Edward Lee
The Bighead by Edward Lee

The Bighead by Edward Lee

Madness Heart Press


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Frustrated with her personal and professional life, Charity goes to visit her aunt in Luntville, in the Virginia backwoods. There, she hears the legend of The Bighead, a deformed hulking brute that once roamed the backwoods, brutally killing and committing perverse atrocities. But who is he? What is he?

A priest is sent out to Luntville to assess and reopen the old Wroxeter Abbey. But what really happened there all those years ago?

And now The Bighead is back, coming through the Virginia backwoods. He’s been called to the Outside World, and he’s leaving a trail of unimaginable carnage and gore in his wake.

The Bighead, The Original Demon text is a newly edited version of the original manuscript crafted by Edward Lee himself. This iconic masterpiece of horror is brought to new life in this edition with all the sex, bloodshed, and gore Lee is known for.