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The Backwoods by Edward Lee

Madness Heart Press

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More than memories await Patricia when she returns to the quiet backwoods town where she grew up. A woman strangled half to death and buried alive. Children who scamper off to play, never to return. Men and women strung up and butchered for sport. Corpses dug up, and bodies found with parts missing. All these greet Patricia. All these and more …

Something from the darkest heart of the night is stalking her, while the town itself seems cursed by a nameless evil. Lust-filled dreams fuel deadly obsessions, the bodies pile up, and the blood flows. Black secrets are revealed and nightmares live in … the Backwoods.

“Edward Lee’s writing is fast and mean as a chainsaw revved to full-tilt boogie.”
--Jack Ketchum, The Girl Next Door


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The V.
United States United States

Murder, Corruption, Mayhem And A Lot Of Sex!

Cynthia White is a lawyer living her best life in Washington D.C. when she gets a call that her sister’s husband had died suddenly. She realizes she must go back to her small Virginia town where she grew up to make sure her sister is ok and able to get through this. Cynthia and her sister, Judy were always lookers since high school. Both women are successful in their own fields. Judy stayed home and took over the family business while Cynthia left for greener pastures. Going back home is a reminder for Cynthia about the trauma that occurred when she was a teen. So she feels obligated to go for her sister, but is dreading it too. Murder, corruption, and mayhem ensue in this small town and the authorities have no idea what is going on. Just when it seems the impoverished town is turning around with nice condos being built, people are disappearing without a trace! Surprisingly, Cynthia seems be more than ok in her old home town. She has waves of eroticisms that envelop her dreams and force her to think of sex almost all of the time! Being a lawyer, can she figure out what is going on in this small town before she disappears too? These backwoods are screwed up! But did we expect anything less from Edward Lee? Magic, superstitions, horrific murder, and sex are all intertwined in this story. Hold on for a wild ride with this one. Lee presses the gas and does not let go until the end! If you have not yet read this gem by Edward Lee, you must!

Mike R.
United States United States

One Heck Of A Bizarre Hillbilly Good Time

A Horror Bookworm Recommendation The Backwoods by Edward Lee Patricia is returning to the small town of Agan’s Point to support her sibling and attend the funeral of her sister’s husband who was brutally murdered. Going back not only opens doors to unsettling memories but also uncovers a backwoods horror that involves unusual superstitions, corrupt intentions and a disturbing locale where ancestral blood is spilled in buckets. There are a lot of disturbing working parts to this Edward Lee classic. From a land known as Squatters to disturbing “redneck” territories to a suspicious local law enforcement that are dedicated to uphold and maintain their own version of peace and decency. Murder, deceit and a kind of depravity that must be read to be believed all lead to one heck of a bizarre hillbilly good time. The nasty nature ridden pages of The Backwoods by Edward Lee holds no morals and supplies brutal shocks gore-lore. Enough in fact to leave the reader grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ a sweet tater. Mr. Lee sure can spin some backwoods hillbilly horror. His crazy characters (drawl and all) is something to experience and encounter. Never mind the rash of missing persons, Junior and Ricky are the only ones that can hold a sociopathic candle to the infamous Balls and Dicky. I recommend reading this classic book under a Virginian full moon with the rhythmic buzzing noise of cicadas. After that perhaps pop in the classic VHS tape Barnyard Babes #4, which I hear is head and shoulders above titles like Add Momma To The Train, I Dream Of Weenie and of course the quintessential White Men Can’t Hump. A definite five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Reviews.

New Zealand New Zealand

Don’t Fuck With Crabman

I fucking loved this book. There’s just something about backwoods horror, and it features a particularly brutal “fuck you” kill scene that’s definitely gonna stick with you for a while.