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Ten Christmases in Sleepy Hallow by Jay Wilburn
Ten Christmases in Sleepy Hallow by Jay Wilburn

Ten Christmases in Sleepy Hallow by Jay Wilburn

Jay Wilburn

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What the hell happened? Was it the fucking Headless Horseman? Did someone in a costume fuck-up Ichabod Crane? That doesn't even sound like a real name.

Ten Christmases in Sleepy Hollow is a short novella (18000 words) told in ten parts, each with a different explanation for the seemingly violent disappearance of Ichabod a couple months earlier. Chapters range from funny, to supernatural, to super violent, to super splattery.

Would I even dare put it exclusive on this site if it failed to splatter?!

And it's only 50 cents! That's as cheap as the credit card companies will let me sell it to you. That's pocket change. That's a rounding error. Some of you probably swallowed that much change as a kid or on a drunken dare. It's a wonder you're still alive! I don't even know why we're still discussing this.

Celebrate to the extreme all year with Ten Christmases in Sleepy Hollow!




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Todd L.
Ho, Ho, Ho Mr Crane

Loved this new idea on SLEEPY HOLLOW. Some stories stand out more than others. A few left me asking could there be more story? Great stories for around the Christmas Tree.