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Swarm of Flying Eyeballs by Gina Ranalli
Swarm of Flying Eyeballs by Gina Ranalli

Swarm of Flying Eyeballs by Gina Ranalli

Deadite Press

"I get it potential reader, you hear it all the time, this writer is special and like no one else, but I gotta say I really can't compare Gina Ranalli to anyone. A brave writer who is not afraid to freak out her readers with high concepts, fully realized characters and important ideals that sometimes challenge and often amuse. Join the cult of Gina." - David Agranoff, author of The Vegan Revolution...with Zombies and Ring of Fire

"Alternatively intense and whimsical, dark and absurd, Ranalli is a Bizarro and horror master. - Garrett Cook, A God of Hungry Walls and Crisis Boy

"When I think about my favorite horror writers, many names come to mind. When I think of authors capable of crafting truly creepy narratives, the list is great. When I talk about bizarro legends, some names come up. When I think of authors who can do all that with inimitable style, a single name is left: Gina Ranalli." - Gabino Iglesias, author of Zero Saints and Coyote Songs

From Wonderland Award-winning author, Gina Ranalli, comes two novellas of terror, monsters, and pure insanity.

Swarm of Flying Eyeballs - a school bus of children on a field trip must survive an unimaginable nightmare, a swarm of vicious flying eyeballs!

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