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Strong by Gerhard Jason Geick
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Strong by Gerhard Jason Geick

Gerhard Jason Geick


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This Father’s Day Gerhard is inviting you to celebrate his two-year anniversary with Godless. To honor this day, he is releasing STRONG, a tale over twenty years in the making, and for a limited time it will be 50% off.

Over the past two years, Gerhard has put out 11 short stories and three collections. A number of these have been at the top of the Godless bestseller list, with I Eat Babies sitting on the Legacy Best Seller List since September 2021 (currently sitting at 21) and NOSOPHOBIA since Father’s Day of the same year. NOSOPHOBIA hit number 1 within days of its release and has maintained its place as a Top Ten Legacy Bestseller for two years, which is a feat no other Godless author has achieved.

Gerhard is a family man, and he writes for the love of it. He lives in Canada with his wife, two daughters, son-in-law, and grand-baby. He is friendly. He doesn’t bite (unless you ask nicely), and you can find him on Facebook.

Most of the neighbors adore Aiden, their Gentle Giant. For what he lacks in smarts, he makes up for in kindness and childlike curiosity. But not everyone is so quick to appreciate him for who he is.

Aiden has all the classic facial features that come with FAS - long nasal bridge, ear anomalies, thin upper lip, indistinct philtrum, and since he is high on the spectrum, he is often called a dummy. Still, He loves to help anyone who asks, but for his troubles, he is sometimes taken advantage of. Still, he doesn’t care, even if those kinds of people call him bad names like ugly or Stupid. He hears them, but he pretends he doesn’t, or that he doesn’t understand.

Aiden thinks this is hilarious, and he doesn't care, even when and they make rude gestures and noises, but that doesn’t bother him. Occasionally he sticks out his tongue and sings at the top of his lungs, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Not that sticks and stones could hurt him either. Aiden has no fear of these bullies, and he laughs at their rude remarks. Nobody understands why, and that just makes it sweeter, because he has a secret. And if they’re lucky – if they don’t cross the line with him – he won’t have to share it with them.

Expanded Book Club Kill Edition w/an Alternative Ending


  • Questions designed to enhance the reading experience by yourself or in a Book Club Setting
  • A short story from PHOBOPHOBIA
  • Three Drabbles from In A Dark Place With Nothing But A Drabble For a Shield
  • A sample from NOSOPHOBIA

    “Gerhard can write. With his mastery of imagery, and unexpected plot twists, I’m terrified at what he will dream up next. I wouldn't miss it for the world though.” -Simon Mchardy

    “I think Gerhard has a great voice and I love his writing style” – Carver Pike

    “Geick writes in an enticing manner that builds the anticipation all the way to the shocking climax!" - Andy Carroll, one half of the Horror Review Dream Team

    “Gerhard Jason Geick is one hell of a writer and a creative descriptive storyteller that never disappoints.” – John The Crippledgimp