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Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper


Stephen Cooper is an Extreme Horror Author from Portsmouth, England. Having previously been a Scriptwriter he made the move to books in 2022; and has no intention of looking back. His debut novel Abby Vs The Splatploitation Brothers Hillbilly Farm was heavily inspired by the Video Nasties, B-Movies, and Slashers flicks he loved. This love of 70s/80s cinema has proven to be the backbone of his writing adopting the motto: 'Extreme Horror, Inspired by Nasty Cinema’ for his Splatploitation brand

Stephen has since put out Extreme Horror Books regularly, as well as dipping his toes in Anthologies and Collaborations. His best selling books to date are Not Four Children and The Rot; with the latter due a sequel late 2023.

While not writing, Stephen has created a Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror YouTube Channel 'Splatploitation' and a Podcast, 'The Splatploitation Book Club' which can also be found on YouTube, as well as Apple and Spotify.

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