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Stef and Tucker Book Two Jordan by Dani Brown
Stef and Tucker Book Two Jordan by Dani Brown
Stef and Tucker Book Two Jordan by Dani Brown

Stef and Tucker Book Two Jordan by Dani Brown

Dani Brown

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Stef needs a woman with hair as glossy as his moustache.

Jealousy grips Jordan. Her husband discovered all the things about Stef she wanted to find out. The only reason Jordan proposed in the first place was to get closer to Stef. One day when Tucker's home from tour he jerks off over her stockings. She uses the hardened jiz to craft a knife.


Tucker and Stef are on their two week tour break. Tucker invites Stef and two beefy, sweaty bikers back to his double-wide for fun and games.

Jordan meets someone else after Stef's affections after a car crash. She forgot her trusty jiz-knife. Jordan has met him before.
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Nikolas P.
United States United States
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Not Your Parents' Orgy

Book Two: Jordan provides readers with a better and less one-sided perspective on Tucker’s neglected wife, Jordan. Inhuman, and driven by an obsession with Stef that rivals Tucker’s own, Jordan has plans for the unsuspecting Stef. Not to be held back because Tucker got there first, she dedicates herself to a harrowing journey back home from the store. Unfortunately for Jordan, she’s not the only non-human creature in the neighborhood. As an orgy turns into something far less pleasant, ancient adversaries work in opposition to one another with Stef and Tucker trapped in the middle.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Great Fun

Things are getting crazier and crazier, but making more sense now. This is a magical realism universe we are in. And this time it’s Tucker’s wife who is crazy wanting to get fucked by the legendary Stef. Everybody wants a bit of Stef. And meet a radioactive Demon. (Everyone seems to have magical powers of some kind). I fucking love this weird shit. It’s non-stop filth. More bonkers sex acts with weird effects, but what do you expect from the Queen of Filth. Bring on Book 3.