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Stef and Tucker Book Three: The Flowering Penises by Dani Brown
Stef and Tucker Book Three: The Flowering Penises by Dani Brown
Stef and Tucker Book Three: The Flowering Penises by Dani Brown
Stef and Tucker Book Three: The Flowering Penises by Dani Brown

Stef and Tucker Book Three: The Flowering Penises by Dani Brown

Dani Brown

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Tucker has too many manifestations of his wife inside his head. 

Stef wakes to the sound of Tucker's snores. He found himself on a strange rock.

Tucker won't wake. Something is wrong. Stef never knew Tucker to be soft. He was always at least semi-erect. They need to be in London in two days. This tour could be the one that keeps Tucker in socks. 

Stef tried to remember the drummer's Valium-induced ramblings about road demons. He needed Tucker's man juice to give him brain power. He couldn't very well sample
Tucker's cum if Tucker hung limp. 

Stef astral projects inside Tucker's head to save them both. 

The road demon is back. 
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Nat W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
An Acid Trip Tale Of Fuckery You Wont Wanna Put Down

I won't lie; I may have purchased this book on the title alone. So this story taught me a lot of things. Penis jizz can cure memory loss, jizz does not make a good substitute for beard wax to hold a moustache. And Ice zombies are hard to get rid of; I'm still a little confused about what I read, to be honest. There was a fair use of anal and dick sucking, and there were many very vivid sex scenes between Tucker and Stefan. As it's the third book in the series, I'm guessing I'm missing a lot of contexts. But holy hell, it was a read and half, and the description made my mind swirly. When Stef invades his lover's mind, you start to see the conflict within Tucker. And you get a feel for the depth of their relationship. The best description for this tale is a magical acid trip of fuckery.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Me want Snoo Snoo

Well that was good and crazy. Mostly about Stef, this one, and his love for Tucker, and the things to go through to save him - pusy blisters on his willy! And a whole lot of madness to escape back to ‘Reality’. These are psychedelic adventures like ‘Fritz the Cat’, but everything here is urgent and possibly life-threatening (well, Tour-threatening). And you got to love the bizarre. This is a world where anything could happen. So more mind-boggling sexcapades to come. Hurray!

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Wet Dreams and Lots of Screams

Book Three: The Flowering Penises begins where the second volume left off, with Stef and Tucker in captivity. The only way out is for Stef to strike out on an astral journey through Tucker’s mental landscape, seeking the cum that will save them from their bondage. These are fucked up stories filled with more semen than all the sperm banks in the world. Dani Brown spins a yarn drenched in so much sweat, cum, liquid shit, and other unknown fluids that she’s got to spend as much time wringing the fluids from the yarn as she does weaving it into the final form. It’s worth the extra effort, though, because these tales are both captivating and amusing. Besides, what else could one expect from The Queen of Filth?