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Spirits by Carter Johnson
Spirits by Carter Johnson
Spirits by Carter Johnson

Spirits by Carter Johnson

Carter Johnson


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The year is 1995 and sophomore Dora Roth is looking down the barrel of another year of hell. An outcast, Dora lives on the fringes of every social group. Ditched the previous summer by her former best friend, Nicole Dwyer, and with no friends of her own, Dora longs to escape her prison. But one night in a lonely cemetery changes all of that, and suddenly Dora finds herself not only with a new group of friends, but with powers she never knew existed.

On the opposite end of the social spectrum, Dora’s former friend Nicole Dwyer discovers that being popular isn’t everything she thought it would be. After a fall from grace, Nicole finds herself on the bottom of the social ladder with no one except her boyfriend, the very boy over whom she lost her social status.

Unknown to each other, Nicole and Dora are on a collision course that will bring them face to face with their own sins, and with each other. From revenge to murder, and everything in between, don’t miss the novel that award-winning horror filmmaker Izzy Lee calls “a chilling, gruesome portrait of ‘90s teen angst blended with supernatural terror!”