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Spider's Web by Carter Johnson
Spider's Web by Carter Johnson
Spider's Web by Carter Johnson

Spider's Web by Carter Johnson

Carter Johnson

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29 years after a large-scale terrorist attack triggered the Millennium Riots in the year 2000, America has become a capitalist dystopia, ruled by powerful corporations. Millennium City is no exception.

Deep in the city’s Red District, where anything goes for the right price, a data thief named Spider has a strange and unusual sideline of work: ferrying alien abductees to underground surgeons in order to get their implants removed.

Part of an underground network run by the world’s greatest super-hacker, it’s been nothing but a job for Spider and his team … until now.

Tonight, he will meet an abductee that will change his entire worldview. The only problem is, corporations and foreign governments and even the fabled Men In Black are after her as well.

Can Spider fight against his attraction to her long enough for he and his team to get the girl where she needs to go?

A cyberpunk action-adventure story from the author of Tales From Behind The Counter and Halloween On Baker Street, Spider’s Web is packed with thrills, suspense, and intrigue, along with a few surprises…