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Sloppy Seconds (And Again, Said the Bull to the Butcher 2) by Kevin Sweeney
Sloppy Seconds (And Again, Said the Bull to the Butcher 2) by Kevin Sweeney
Sloppy Seconds (And Again, Said the Bull to the Butcher 2) by Kevin Sweeney


Sloppy Seconds (And Again, Said the Bull to the Butcher 2) by Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney

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This ain't just an order of "long-pig" with fries...

It's time for another episode of the post-apocalyptic wasteland's favourite competitive cannibalistic cooking show, THE FOOD THAT TALKS! 

But... has the show's host,Mr Sawney, bitten off more than he can chew? 
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Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Ok, not only did I have the absolute honour of an early read of the first book, and being a character in said book, I also got to create the cover! AND, as if that wasn't enough, I got to do all three again with this, the second book! The first book was insanely disturbing, brilliantly creative and a whole lotta sick, twisted fun! And I can happily say that this book is more of the same, but SO much more of the same! The Food That Talks is a post apocalyptic cookery show and it's back for another episode. This time, the contestants are making sweet, sweet desserts! There are no real prizes for winning, but if you lose, you may just become the next thing on the menu! First up is Chef Green, (or Cuntface, for reasons which will be revealed in all their glory!), and he's making his version of creme brulee, or cream boobies (there, THAT got your attention, right?) Udderly unique in his methods, the outcome had me cringing! Next up is Chef Lecture, with her husband and children, of course! What? Yep, you heard me…. and her dish, Pedopinata!! A colourful revenge dish, best served cold! And finally, the reigning champion, Chef Morse, is back. Can she retain her title with her dish Caramel Abortion?! Don't forget, Chef Morse likes her ingredients to be as fresh as possible…. This time, it all comes down to a dead heat, and a cook off. The cook off is titled YOU ARE WHO YOU EAT!! The theme being, A Childhood Favourite! Luckily, and with a gruesome and genius twist, they have just the ingredients…. This is a quick, brutal, gory read with an eerie, surreal and horrific atmosphere adding to your enjoyment. It's a lot of fun and will leave you hungry for more! The humour is so darkly, disturbingly hilarious, it'll have you laughing out loud, but hoping no one's around to ask you why?! You'll be disgusted and horrified, you'll urge yet howl with laughter, and you'll enjoy every second of this vulgar morsel of a cannibalistic, futuristic, apocalyptic, merciless recipe for extreme distaste, all in the best possible way!! Bring on the next course….