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Severed Tongue Secrets by JS Bannerman
Severed Tongue Secrets by JS Bannerman
Severed Tongue Secrets by JS Bannerman

Severed Tongue Secrets by JS Bannerman

JS Bannerman

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In his self damaging quest to bend the edges of horror after a 12 years hiatus Jake Bannerman

Returns with either his most twisted accomplishment or possibly more frightening a new streamlined vision of horror, a crossbreed of his traditional Theological theme now mixed with the gore of The Pitchfork Diaries and the jaw dropping reality of the darkness of mankind.

In an unconventional and unexpected move “Severed Tongue Secrets' ' plays out in' ' you pick the ending” extravaganza of all open-ended stories with no endings.

The point of which the readers vote on which story will be the next full-length book. Your mind is open to wander into its own version of the blackened scabs of templates Bannerman draws your mind into mesmerizing you into realities with endless possibilities of terror unknown, Yours!

Severed Tongue Secrets is delivered as follows

Chapter 1:Kill for Jesus

Chapter 2:In Tongues

Chapter 3:Separation of Church and Fate

Chapter 4:Tarot Obsequies

Chapter 5:Bringer of Dawn

Letters in Fiama 1

Chapter 6:Gnaw The Gristle

Chapter 7:K-13

Jake's fucked opinion: Amerika? Unterstutzt segnen gottes christi tod den haben wir:David von hakenkreuz buroklammer

Letters in Fiama 2

The Birth Splinter- Dark Prose

Chapter 8:Immaculate Deception-The Divinity Paradox

Room full of Hangers- War ensemble

Jake's Fucked opinion pt.2 Girth Ruined the earth

Letters in Fiama 3

Jake's fucked opinion again fuck! The 4th Reich


From the Vault- from 2010 The Feast

Chapter 10:FilthPig

Chapter 11:Vasdefurunz Sacramentum *

Chapter 12: Fun With Jesus

Chapter 13:Bad Habit*

Bonus Material- The First 2 Chapters of Lessons in Blasphemy

Nightcore in its anti-suicide and mental health mission to Heal with Horror are proud to announce the newest work from Jake Bannerman