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Secretions of the Succubus & Other Emissions by The Professor

D&T Publishing

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If MR James, Bram Stoker, Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Browning, Charles Perrault, Baudelaire and…er…some of the authors of The Bible were invited to contribute to an anthology of hardcore horrotica edited by the Marquis de Sade, the results would look similar to the book in your hands.

As the door to Bluebeard’s secret chamber of horrors whispered to his curious new wife, ‘Do you dare to open me?’

Come on in. There are rich, painful pleasures waiting for you.

The book includes several pieces that have not appeared on Godless before. Among them:

‘My Hook’s In You’ - the famous campfire tale taken to horrifically brutal and erotic extremes!

‘Cunt Grater’ - an homage to ‘Psycho’ that is almost unforgivably vile and is sure to delight!

In the new short sequence of poems that give the book its title, The Prof is proud to share what could very well be a world’s first - an intense and deeply sensuous poem about ear wax!

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Do you like sex? Do you like sex and violence? If you answered yes to either of those questions, I have the perfect collection of poetry and stories that will satisfy those desires. The Professor once again gives us a taste of delightful debauchery, as only The Professor can deliver. Horrotica at its finest. This is not to be missed. 5 severed fingers out of 5

Matt S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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My Emission

Lay down some plastic and gather the family around you, The Professor has gifted us with a new collection of stories and prose. we will secrete together... When I received an advanced copy from D&T Publishing, the book came with a warning. 'This book is extreme'. They were absolutely right. Secretions of the Succubus reads like discovering the lost works of a classic writer, perhaps unpublished due to the outcry that it would have cause in their time. Blasphemous, shameful tales that would raise a stirring in even the most hardened sadist. We get short blasts of perversions and violence in chunks that any bigger would be difficult to swallow and digest. Peppered between them are the dialogues and thoughts of unnamed men, giving us the feeling that The Professor is happy to share all that comes to him, with no shame. No taboo is left unexplored. Do not be ashamed. Do not be put off. This is a recommendation.