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Scream of the Butterfly by Christophe Maso
Scream of the Butterfly by Christophe Maso
Scream of the Butterfly by Christophe Maso

Scream of the Butterfly by Christophe Maso

D&T Publishing

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Handsome, gifted young James Laurent has a story to tell you. His father will likely be the next governor, and his own future is bright. But James carries a dark secret--he's a sociopath who's done terrible things, and he doesn't know how to love.

That is, until he meets Morgan, a strong, beautiful farm girl who captures his heart and turns his world on its ear. But Morgan harbors secrets of her own…and as James will discover, creatures far darker than he walk this earth.

"In Scream of the Butterfly, Christophe Maso wraps big questions about the nature and limits of love in a propulsive narrative that punches above its weight class. A strong debut, this novella both delivers on its own promise and marks Maso as a writer to watch. Closely."

-- John Langan, author of Corpsemouth and Other Autobiographies

"Like the Jim Morrison of horror fiction, Christophe Maso won’t stop breaking the rules. Indeed, even after you’ve made it to 'The End' of his dark tale of madness and desire, you may still find it hard to 'Break On Through' the lingering shadows."

-- Josh Schlossberg, award-winning author of MALINAE and editor of THE JEWISH BOOK OF HORROR


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And Smile No More

This is one of the most beautifully written horror stories I've read. The ending will leaving you gutted.

Karla K.
United States United States
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Powerfully Evocative

"When something remains that can’t die, but can’t live either. And so, it lingers between life and death, in profane twilight. Whether it stays put or gets back up and starts to move around again, it has become a blasphemy, a mockery of its former glory.” “But enough metaphor. I’m here to tell you the story of something real. The story of Morgan Shea, the girl I loved, and what our love ultimately became. What I became.” James is the most loved student at Cabotsville High. He is also the smartest. Whether it be grades or social influences. He does what he can to establish a rapport by helping everyone he can in any way that he can, albeit some of those ways are shady and underhanded. He is able to provide what is needed where and when it is needed most. He does not think about or care about consequences that occur, that is until he meets Morgan Shea, the girl he falls in love with. He changes his ways and tries to be a better person. When he begins to doubt their relationship, and learns there are much darker beings in this world than he is, it destroys him and he does even more despicable acts; his ultimate revenge. The consequences that occur changes his whole entire world and his existence. James is a character you want to care for but in reality he is a sociopath that does so many horrible things to anyone who gets in his way. Then there is his nature of how loving he can be and when his heart is broken, it is impossible not to feel his pain and regrets. Morgan is a sweet girl, but she is harboring her own dark secrets, her pain and her suffering. This is a girl that you just want to fold into your arms, to love and protect from the horrors she has had to endure. It is impossible not to feel her pain. This is not a happy story. It is suffering, pain, and darkness. Insanity and selfish desires. Beautiful written narrative that destroys the heart. Powerfully evocative and atmospheric.

Diana R.
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Scream of the Butterfly

James is an expert at playing with people’s emotions and minds. Throughout high school this is what he did until he met Morgan. Had he really changed? I felt as though I was being toyed with as well. Is James trying to be different because of the feelings he has for Morgan or is it all an act? He’s shared many times about perfecting his playing and how everyone loved him. So, you always have a bit of doubt in your head, but you want to believe him. James was a beautifully written character. His story pulls you in immediately. His thoughts and interactions with people in school was remarkably interesting and deep. I instantly thought he’s the magic man. He can play these other characters and they have no idea. He could help them or destroy them and it’s like they would love him anyway. As the reader you love him. You hate him. You feel for him. You question him and the cycle repeats until the last page. Maso did a fabulous job with this book. It’s haunting, sad, beautiful, and terrifying all at once. So many emotions and twists that blend for a thrilling read. Stunning work!

Christina P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Holy cannoli!

James Laurent is your typical rich kid; easy on the eyes, has the parent’s money backing him, deals drugs. You know, the norm. But when Ms. Morgan Shea waltzes into the picture, James’ life is turned upside down, for the better. Together they rule the world… until James misinterprets a situation and both of their worlds crumble. Can James sacrifice everything in order to spend more time with Morgan or will he scream into the void? O.K. Where the hell did this one come from? It has Othello vibes which I FREAKING LOVE! The way this is written you are kinda walking along then you run full speed, then walk, then you are running again. You JUST catch your breath and BAM! heart rate increase. It will make you smile, break your heart, have you screaming, and then crying your eyes out. This is a sleeper hit, friends. It’s going on the Top of 2022, it has to! The story, characters, pacing, I mean, ffs, there isn’t anything to knock a point off of. Absolutely superb!

Dakota D.
United States United States

Blew Me Away And Then Some!!!

I’ll start this off by saying I inhaled this in a single sitting. Once I started I couldn’t stop myself. The narrator, James Laurent, is incredibly interesting and the way he paints us the story of his rise and fall is captivating. I hung onto every word with bated breath, riding through this rollercoaster of emotions right along with James. When he hurt, I hurt. The words on these pages had a hold on me and forced me through the wringer with James. It was painful and exhilarating all at once, I didn’t want it to end. When I found myself finishing the book I felt empty, wishing that someone just one more chapter would appear before me. It isn’t often that a book can do what Scream of the Butterfly did to me, but Christophe Maso is a master at his craft and has found a way to pull at each and every one of my heartstrings. He played me like a fiddle, effortlessly playing with my emotions and bringing me close to tears at some parts. Usually I’m much more interested in extreme horror, but the terror I felt when I realized this book could possess me and make me feel things I didn’t want to was much greater than I could have imagined was possible. If you’re looking for something short and can knock you flat on your bum, look no further.