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Rob Bliss

Rob Bliss


Rob Bliss was born in Canada in 1969.

He has an honours degree in English and Writing from York University, Canada. He has one hundred stories published in fifty web-based magazines, plus in three anthologies. He is the winner of SNM Magazine’s Author of the Year for 2013.

His Necro Publications works are:
The Bride Stripped Bare

His self-published Amazon Kindle works are:

Devil's Note
God of Zombies
The Pigg Bros
Flesh House Blue
The Meggido Motel
Time's Moth
T'Hell Witcha
The Castle Ouroboros
Black Blood & Other Stories
Blood Queen & Other Stories
American Birthright & Other Stories
Skull Seller & Other Stories
Flies & Other Stories
The Idol & Other Stories
Ghost Hand & Other Stories

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