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Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers Vol.4

Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers Vol.4

Hellbound Books Publishing

For four years now, Bret McCormick and E. R. Bills have been beating the bushes and peering into abandoned wells to seek out the most terrifying tales the Lone Star State has to offer. They have left no stone unturned, no attic unexplored, and no grave undesecrated.

And boy howdy, has their diligence has paid off! Road Kill Volume 4 is the best and grimmest yet! You hold in your hands a grand collection of 16 goose-flesh-inducing prose. But, don't just take our word for it; these sixteen stories speak - or perhaps scream - for themselves.

Featuring tales of Texas terror from:Corey Lamb, E. R. Bills, James H Longmore, William Jensen, Patrick C. Harrison III, W. H. Gilbert, Jeremy Hepler, Dan Fields, Thomas Kearnes, Sylvia Ney , Mark A. Nobles, Russell C. Connor, Elliott Baxter, Ralph Robert Moore, Carmen Gray, and Andrew Kozma






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