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Ring of Fire by David Agranoff
Ring of Fire by David Agranoff

Ring of Fire by David Agranoff

Deadite Press

From the celebrated author of the socially conscious horror novels THE VEGAN REVOLUTION...WITH ZOMBIES and BOOT BOYS OF THE WOLF REICH, David Agranoff, comes a brutal tale of eco-horror in the tradition of The Sheep Look Up and The Bridge.

Mother Nature is angry. Really angry.

San Diego is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in America.There is trouble in paradise. Illness is rampant and people are starting to notice. A series of wild fires is popping up and threatening to surrounded the city. The air is becoming unbreathable, the water supply is contaminated, and the survivors are losing their sanity and grip on their humanity. For the millions of people stuck, the city has turned into a death trap.

From the homeless on the streets, to City Hall, from the fire fighters on the front lines, to media covering the crisis, Ring of Fire is a kaleidoscopic look at ecological collapse in the first world.

Humans have ravaged the planet for too long, now Mother Nature is going to get her revenge.




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