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Rhyme or Reason  by Dan Chadwick
Rhyme or Reason  by Dan Chadwick

Rhyme or Reason by Dan Chadwick

Dan Chadwick

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Every night, the police find the remains of victims in identical circumstances.

As Halloween approaches the lead detectives believe that the killer is building up to something horrendous.

Who is this vicious murderer? Why do they carry out the same ritual with each body? How do they pick their victims? Who will be next?

From the twisted mind of Dan Chadwick, comes a tale of extreme and stomach-churning horror.

Happy Halloween …

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L. Stephenson
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Simply horrific!

Being a big fan of imaginative serial killer gimmicks, I thought I'd seen it all. But Dan found a new way so simple, it's almost genius. Mostly Rhyme or Reason is downright disturbing! Yet, in spite of its disarming (no pun intended) simplicity, I still wanted to know more about why the killer does what he does.

Nikolas P. Robinson
United States United States
I recommend this product

Be Prepared To Grin Like a Madman

Have you ever gotten a ridiculous song stuck in your head? Of course, we've all experienced that. There's a reason I mention this, but you'll know that if you've already had the pleasure of reading this surprising story. If you haven't read it yet, skip the rest of this review and remedy that mistake ASAP. I'd hate to spoil the surprise. Rhyme Or Reason details a series of gruesome murders taking place during the nights leading up to Halloween. The victims are horrifically dismembered while still alive to experience most of what's being done to them. I would certainly hope I'd be long gone before the torture reached an end, but the people being slaughtered while the killer hums his eerily familiar tune are not blessed with that small mercy. The brilliance of Dan Chadwick's story is that every bit of the story is building up to a punchline that almost had me laughing out loud. It's a horror/comedy that the reader doesn't realize is a comedy until they've reached the end. Does the killer commit these atrocities because the song is stuck in his head? Did the earworm drive him to do the things he does? Is he just a killer who finds humor in what he's doing, irreverent and cruel enough to make light of it in such a way? Perhaps we'll never know...and perhaps the author was just hoping to elicit a groan from the readers as they reached the end. This is a fun story that sneaks up on the reader in a delightfully absurd way.