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Revolt of the Chupacabras by Raegan Butcher
Revolt of the Chupacabras by Raegan Butcher

Revolt of the Chupacabras by Raegan Butcher

Necro Publications

When their plane crashes in the remote jungles of southern Mexico, Joe Gifford and his gang of professional chupacabra hunters are held prisoner by Gustavo Ramirez, an insane Mexican drug lord with an unnatural fascination for Ancient Rome. On the grounds of his lavish hacienda, he forces our heroes to engage in gladiatorial combat. The losers die by the sword in the arena. The winners are spared to fight an even more dangerous foe: captured chupacabras! Can Joe and his crew escape from the clutches of this evil madman before it is too late?

Packed with colorful characters, subversive wit, and wall to wall action, Revolt of the Chupacabras, the latest installment of Raegan Butcher’s massively entertaining Chupacabra Chronicles series, is sure to please his die-hard fans as well as win over new adherents.

“Fury of the Chupacabras really works. It’s a ridiculously fun, sometimes unabashedly cheesy story that reads like a Sunday afternoon B horror flick with a high entertainment factor… But there is one major strength to Fury of the Chupacabras, a feature that stands out above all others and really drives this story, and that’s an almost perfect mastery of pacing. The book moves along at wild, almost chaotic speeds, hurling you into battle after battle with the blood-thirsty, eyeball sucking monsters, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the graphically brutal, ultimately satisfying conclusion.” –Shane Douglas Keene







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