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Remembering Camile by Kate DeJonge
Remembering Camile by Kate DeJonge

Remembering Camile by Kate DeJonge

Kate DeJonge


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It's Halloween season, and Mia's friends book a group sitting with the local witch for shits and giggles. What could be more fun than conjuring the dead in an old fashioned seance parlour? Madame Vlotsky is a professional, and she puts on a good show complete with table knocking, mysterious breezes and lights that appear able to control themselves. Everyone is having a good time until an entity comes through that Mia recognizes. Someone only she has ever seen. Her childhood friend, Camille. Her imaginary friend.

After the seance, Mia returns home confused and afraid. Camille had been an unusual imaginary friend, eventually 'exorcized' from Mia's life by a psychiatrist who thought the farce might stop Mia's abhorrent behavior. Thepsychiatrist may have been on to something. 

Camille is back, summoned through Madame Vlotsky's seance, and Mia doesn't have much time to figure out how to get rid of her friend again before it's too late. 
11,000 Words