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Relic of Death by David Bernstein
Relic of Death by David Bernstein

Relic of Death by David Bernstein

Sinister Grin Press

When two mob enforcers take care of a hit in the suburban countryside, they stumble onto a seemingly abandoned house. While searching the place, they find a simple leather briefcase full of what they think are priceless diamonds.

But things are never as they appear…

For the briefcase is a bringer of death. This ancient evil, once contained for centuries, is now unleashed. Those who come in contact with it will be granted their greatest desires at the even greater cost of their lives.

“David Bernstein delivers a fast-moving tale of desire and destruction that gives new meaning to the words, “Be careful what you wish for.” Relic of Death twists reality and will leave you reflecting on your own personal Achilles heel long after you finished reading…” —Allan Leverone, author of Mr. Midnight

“A fascinating, unpredictable, ever-shifting tale of greed and desperation. Highly recommended!” —Jeff Strand, author of Pressure

“Relic of Death doubles as a powerful parable and a terrifying story. Proving himself to be a prodigious new talent, David Bernstein creates a blood-soaked canvas where dreams change to nightmares and hope transforms to dread.” —Jon Bassoff, author of Corrosion






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