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Reed Alexander

Reed Alexander



(He/Him) I've had multiple books and short stories published. I specialize in the terrifying, macabre, and the bizarre. My current publishing house is Madnessheart.Press.

I was most influenced by Sci-Fi horror writers Harlen Ellison and Robert Heinlein. Indeed, my all time favorite novel is a collection of shorts The Deathbird Stories, by Ellison.

I'm also a political scientist, my primary education being Political Theory and Policy, which I received from SUNY at Albany. It deeply effects my writing as much as the horror media I've consumed since a young age. It also directly impacts my critical opinions of horror in the media.

For this reason, I'm feverishly pro LGBTQAI, pro woman's rights, and pro treat your fellow human equally (a hill I'm willing to die on). For that reason, I've made a pledge to be as inclusive in my writing as possible to represent often overlooked communities. This is a true reflection of reality, as we are a very divers species in race, nationality, gender, and sexuality.

-Graduated Dean's list at University at Albany
-Published in Artpost Magazine for his short fiction "Inside" and the short fiction "Not In My Country." (The magazine has since folded)
-Published by Madness Heart Press "The Effect (Trigger Warning Anthology 2)," "In the Shadow of the Mountains," "In The Beginning," "Parabyosis," "Inhuman Error," and "Artifice of Flesh."
-Published in the Sorrow Anthology "Cold."

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