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Reed Alexander

Reed Alexander


(He/Him) I've had multiple books and short stories published. I specialize in the terrifying, macabre, and the bizarre. My current publishing house is Madnessheart.Press and St. Rooster Books.

I was most influenced by Sci-Fi horror writers Harlen Ellison and Robert Heinlein. Indeed, my all-time favorite is a collection of shorts The Deathbird Stories, by Ellison.

I'm also a political scientist, my primary education being Political Theory and Policy, which I received from SUNY at Albany. It deeply affects my writing as much as the horror media I've consumed since a young age. It also directly impacts my critical opinions of horror in the media.

For this reason, I'm feverishly pro-LGBTQAI, pro-women's rights, and pro treat your fellow human equally (a hill I'm willing to die on). For that reason, I've made a pledge to be as inclusive in my writing as possible to represent often overlooked communities. This is a true reflection of reality, as we are a very diverse species in race, nationality, gender, and sexuality.


  • Graduated Dean's list at University at Albany
  • Published in Artpost Magazine for his short fiction "Inside" and the short fiction "Not In My Country." (The magazine has since folded)
  • Published by Madness Heart Press "The Effect (Trigger Warning Anthology 2)," "In the Shadow of the Mountains," "In The Beginning," "Parabyosis," and "UPD Texas Case Files."
  • Published by St. Rooster "Hungry Cosmos."

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