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Reconstructing a Relationship by Micah Castle
Reconstructing a Relationship by Micah Castle
Reconstructing a Relationship by Micah Castle

Reconstructing a Relationship by Micah Castle

D&T Publishing

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Drew and Terry while out on a date suffer a terrible car accident. The boyfriend dies, but the girlfriend survives. Desperate to be with her love once more, Terry steals Drew’s brain from the morgue and escapes the hospital. She’s determined to bring him back, by any means necessary.

Through years of reading ancient books, learning forgotten languages, and drawing symbols she cannot comprehend, Terry successfully gets what she wants… And, what she deserves.

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Christina P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

A wild ride from start to finish

Terry was in the most perfect relationship of her life until tragedy struck. How far is she willing to go to have that again? I want to preface this with something I have never written in a review before: this is THE most important story in the genre right now. Let me repeat that for those in the back that may not have heard me. This. Is. THE. Most. Important. Story. In. The. Genre. Right. Now. But, Christina! That’s insane to say. Not at all. Putting aside how well written it is; characters, plot, twists, everything, this is a work I have not read in the genre before. Micah takes a subject that is not only taboo to write about but often mocked and belittled in real life. The idea of taking a Frankensteinian horror inspired story and coupling it with date rape and extremely abusive relationships… Well, friends. Mr. Castle has earned a spot in my Top Ten for 2022. I’m serious when I say, if you don’t read this, you should be ashamed. I REALLY hope this gets the eyes on it it deserves. Fucking phenomenal.

Karla K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Bringing back that which should not exist.

"THERE’S NOTHIN’ like a smoothie in the dead of summer. Literally nothin’. Everything you love put into a blender and mixed together to create an amazing drink. Strawberries. Yogurt. Bananas. Fuck it, even blueberries and raspberries and cherries. I’m not picky. It’s like Drew. All these parts from different places makin’ one perfect thing.” Terry's one hope, is to be with the one she loves. Not only for awhile...but forever. When her boyfriend loses his life, she does the unthinkable. Terry really is a deplorable character, most definitely a villianous with no thought or care for the world and the living. She commits unspeakable acts to achieve her selfish purpose. Drew is a victim of Terry's heinous narcissism. From the moment he met her, he belonged to her. Drew's only hope is to free himself from her and rid her from his life, even if it means death. This is told in two parts. The first through the voice of Terry; her crimes and her obsession. The second through the voice of Drew; his awakening, his suffering and his eventual memory of what has truly happened to him from the moment he met Terry. A visceral modern day recreation of "Frankenstien". Bringing back that which should not exist. A great short story recreating a beloved trope, flipped on it's axis and made even more unholy and brutal!

Diana R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Reconstructing a Relationship

Terry meets the love of her life at Gort’s Bar. Shortly after, tragedy strikes and she loses Drew in an accident. She can’t have this. She wants no, she needs Drew back, and goes to great lengths to make this happen. Unfortunately, things didn’t go entirely as she planned. I flew through this in no time. The story was so gripping, I had to know what was coming next. Part One focuses on Terry’s POV and how much she is willing to risk bringing Drew back. Castle makes it so you sympathize with her even though she’s nuts, and you think, aww, she really loves Drew. Warm fuzzies, right? Then comes Part Two, where the unexpected is revealed. This twist changes everything! Castle did a brilliant job with this from beginning to end.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

A love story in 2 parts (or more.....)

This was a fantastic read! My first from Micah, I'll be keeping an eye out for more! A modern day Frankenstein love story, told in two parts. In the first part we get Terry's point of view and the second part we get Drew's point of view! And they are very different points of view indeed! A supernatural horror tale of delusion, love, obsession, fear, magic, murder and resurrection! Terry wants nothing more than to have Drew, the love of her life, back with her, and she will do anything to make it happen, anything…. This story was intriguing and had my curiosity piqued right from the start. I really enjoyed the writing style, the blank spots and the flashbacks were written so well they could almost have been my own! This was a dark and disturbing read that hooked me right in and didn't let me go! And the twist in this tale was brilliant! Highly recommended!

Dakota D.
United States United States

Love Knows No Bounds

Love knows no bounds, not even death. After a devastating car accident kills Drew on impact, his girlfriend Terry refuses to let go, instead stealing the only part of him left intact. Using ancient spells and body parts stolen from the living and the dead, Terry cheats death and brings back her beloved. This has got to be one of my favorite horror tropes, and it was done so freaking well. I didn’t want to put this book down, so I ended up finishing it in one whole sitting! Micah Castle took the best parts of movies like Reanimator and Frankenhooker and added his own twist that really made the story pop. Splitting the book up into two parts, each from the point of view of either Terry or Drew was perfect, I loved reading about how both of them really felt about each other. The book surprised me by going in a completely different direction than what I had first anticipated. Looking back after finishing it, little hints were sprinkled into the first half that really foreshadowed the true nature of the book. Castle did a superb job of hiding the truth about this book in plain site. It’s so rare for me to find a book I want to read more than once, but this is one of those books that you can read multiple times and get an entirely different experience from on your second visit. That alone is a huge statement about the talent Castle has with his storytelling. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a short book that you won’t be able to put down once you pick it up.