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Rajeev Singh

Rajeev Singh

Rajeev Singh is a compulsive reader, not-so-regular writer, introverted dreamer, onanist, fetishist, occasional weirdo and a movie enthusiast with a hankering for great ideas and demolition of creative boundaries - which, incidentally, also applies to what he reads and writes. He has a preference for the shocking and what most people would call disturbing. Think of the axe-murder in A Serbian Film and the accident-fetish in J G Ballard's Crash and you get the drift.

However, he can appreciate the brighter side of life too - like your neighbourhood serial killer with the face of a choir boy. He has read Nobel laureates like Mario Vargas Llosa with the same passion that he has for a splatterpunk master like Wrath James White. He straddles two worlds, so to speak.

He gets his rocks off on erotic horror, dabbles in pornhub when life gets too boring (onanist, remember?) and is still writing three days a week since publishing his first novel, The Erotic Muse, in 2018. He sublimated a truckload of pre-middle-age angst in his debut and it shows, albeit in a less autobiographical way than a Charles Bukowski or a Henry Miller.

In his later stories, he has put people on an island that rains blood; given a free rein to necrophilacs; and, in his latest, furthered his passion for death and its erotic possibilities.

He also loves chats of a no-holds-barred nature and welcomes fans/haters at

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