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R.E. Shambrook

R.E. Shambrook


R.E. Shambrook started his love for horror as most of us did, reading R.L.Stine and watching Tales From The Crypt. Quickly it wasn't enough and it was on to Stephen King. He discovered Splatterpunk/Extreme Horror in 2007 in Edward Lee, Wrath James White and J.F.Gonzalez. 

He started writing his first works in 2007. His first wife found his notebook and read a story. She said it was stupid, shitty and no one would read it. He gave up. 

In 2021 he discovered Sea Caummisar, Aron Beauregard and Daniel Volpe. Inspired to pick up the pen again, he dug out those stories from so many years ago. 

With renewed belief in himself, he expects to bring readers a lot of content coming in the not too distant future.

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