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Pornography for the End of the World by Brendan Vidito
Pornography for the End of the World by Brendan Vidito
Pornography for the End of the World by Brendan Vidito


Pornography for the End of the World by Brendan Vidito

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The end of the world demands a new form of pornography…  

From Brendan Vidito, the Wonderland-Award-winning author of Nightmares in Ecstasy, comes nine tales of apocalyptic body horror.  

A young man is initiated into a cult that worships sickness and disease.  
Survivors of a nuclear holocaust make a pilgrimage to the last movie theater in existence.  

Premonitions of disaster haunt a loving couple doomed to watch each other die.  
Each story pulsates with Vidito's characteristic dark humor, atmospheric tension, and visceral prose. This is pornography for the devotee of horror, the morbidly curious—pornography for the end of the world.

“With apocalyptic urgency, Vidito strip-mines our psychosexual fears and frailties as humans to elicit an ecstatic response. I couldn't stop reading. As a grand manipulator, he molds speculative horror and body horror into one dark hybrid, a sleek and cum-soaked vessel of transcendence.” - Joe Koch, The Wingspan of Severed Hands, Convulsive

“Audacious and devastatingly unique, Pornography for the End of the World is the literary equivalent of a Molotov cocktail with author Brendan Vidito’s fiery and explosive writing that feels utterly dangerous to read. I’m still recovering from the brutality of some of these tales.”  - Eric LaRocca, Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke

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Christina P.
I recommend this product


Anyone who says, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is high. I absolutely judged PORNOGRAPHY FOR THE END OF THE WORLD by it’s cover and I’m so glad I did! PFTEOTW is a collection of nine short stories (I told you I was into short stories right now) and there are some doozies in here. And I’m talking the best kinds of doozies. Walking in Ash - tells the story from the end and then we lead back to it. Guess what! It’s one of my new favorite writing tropes! I don’t even have to read the last sentence when they are set up like this! Saves me time. Bonus points for that alone. Walking in Ash was hauntingly stunning and I loved every word. This one by itself is worth the price of admission. Mother’s Mark - What happens when men are no longer allowed to exist but you have an itch that needs scratched. (It’s a vagina metaphor in case you didn’t get it.) LOVED THIS ONE SO DAMN MUCH! The Human Clay - Don’t mess around with the futurist mob-like people. It isn’t in your best interest. The Chimera Season - Worm-ish. Sex. Dating apps. I dug this one a lot! Made me a bit sad too because you don’t always realize what you have until it’s gone. Church of the Chronically Ill - this one was fascinating on so many levels. A little Munchausen Syndrome mixed with familial pride mixed with absolute insanity. LOVED THIS ONE! The Living Column - Worms. Sex. Business cards. Super bizarro but kinda hot. Don’t ask, just read it. Glitter Guigol - Think Jeffrey Epstein’s island meets the alien thing from the end of Spaceballs meets the blood level of the pit scene from Army of Darkness. Boom! That’s this story (and I loved it). Nostalgia Night at the Snuff Palace - Want to be depressed for a while? Read this one. Now, that sounds bad but it’s so beautifully written with every detail and vivid imagery that I really, REALLY wished this one was longer. Story line - Not all nostalgia should be yearned for. **This is on my list for one of the best short stories of the year!** This collection is the bees fucking knees. Seriously, how this isn’t more places, I have no idea but you guys need to unfuck that ASAP. I promise there is something for everyone in this.