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Pitbull by Simon McHardy
Pitbull by Simon McHardy


Pitbull by Simon McHardy

Simon McHardy

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NOTE: This is a novelette. 43 pages.

When a psychotic pitbull and a sex-offending chihuahua end up together on death row, an unholy alliance is formed. Bribed into performing sexual favours and gang retributions, the two are released to pursue their flesh and pussy fantasies.    

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bow wow wow

Bruce is a pitbull who loves to lick his balls. His family is not too appreciative of it. His family decides that they are going to get him fixed. When Bruce realizes what this means, he is not too pleased about it and violently attacks the vet. This ultimately lands him on doggy death row. While on death row, he meets a Chihuahua named Andy. A tight friendship is formed. Come along on a wholesome adventure of two canine best friends as they reek holy hell on anyone or anything that gets in their way. Sex, gore, and semen fill the pages of this wild ride. A laugh-out-loud spectacle. A story of friendship, a story of hope A story that will stay with you for a long time. A feel-good story of the ages Check it out! 5 severed fingers out of 5

Donna L.

Unique and outrageous

This book is gory, twisted and insane with a little bit of humor. I hate myself for loving it as much as I do.

Todd L.

Door Number 1, 2, or 3.

Never, have I ever, read a short story like this. This was some crazy WTF’d just happened. You read and say no, he wouldn’t, but oh yes he did. Filled with disgusting depictions of the most vile acts I have ever come across. It’s a revenge story with a great friendship, that hits you with a little sadness at the end. Great read!


Woof woof !!

What can i say ? I have a very immoral sens of humor . I managed to be shocked , disgusted , and to laugh at the same time . I knew "Pitbull" , by Simon McHardy was going to be gory, but I didn't expect that level of madness . At the end of the story I barely blinked while reading . I couldn’t believe what I read was actually written. Sometimes I read the sentences twice to be sure. So far Simon McHardy never disappointed me. If you’re looking for a very shocking , gory and very disturbing story, I highly recommend this book to you. But first you need to read Mother Maggot, to be prepared to enter in Simon McHardy imagination.

Gerhard G.

Pitbull is a beautifully told tale that explores the unbreakable bond between us and our pets.

From Simon McHardy, author of such heartwarming stories as Mother Maggot, Billy Billy Panty Sniffer, and Gob & Nob, comes a tale of rebirth and redemption unlike anything you have ever read before. Like such classics as Homeward Bound, Bethoven, Cujo, and a Dog's Purpose, Pitbull is told from the animal's perspective, and Brucer is equally - if not more - loveable, than any of his predecessors. Brucer is a rambunctious Denice the Menace/Problem Child type, and he is full of spunk. But when the things that he cares about the most are threatened, he is forced to do the unthinkable. Then, after being picked up by animal control, it is only by thinking outside of the box that he manages to escape the series of unfortunate events that fate throws his way; - and if there is a lesson to be learned, it is this: there are no bad pets, only bad pet owners. Pitbull is a classic story of unwavering loyalty and incredible devotion. If I had to find a fault with it, though, it would be this: After reading the first few pages, my nine year old daughter didn't want to read it anymore. She said it made her sad. She didn't know they did stuff like that to dogs. So, I don't know, maybe she's still too young for a story like this...