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Pete Kahle

Pete Kahle


I have been an avid reader of a wide variety of genre fiction since first reading 'SALEM'S LOT when I was 10 years old. After talking about writing my own novels for over three decades, I finally kicked myself in the ass and began putting down the stories that have been living in my head.

My first novel, THE SPECIMEN, was released through CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing in April 2014.

I am currently writing BLOOD MOTHER, a stand-alone vampiric novel - without vampires - due out in the spring of 2016. On the horizon is THE ABOMINATION, Book 2 in the Riders Saga, and most likely a 3rd book in the series with the tentative title of THE HORSEMEN.

Recently, I organized and edited WIDOWMAKERS, an anthology of dark fiction and poetry to help fellow author James Newman in a time of need.

Now that the dark closet in my subconscious has been opened, the monsters are clamoring to come out for a visit.

Many other novels will follow.

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