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OPEN SUBMISSION - Mad Motherfuckers by Godless Press

OPEN SUBMISSION - Mad Motherfuckers by Godless Press

Godless Press


Welcome to the submission guidelines for MAD MOTHERFUCKERS.

Mad Motherfuckers is the third original series for

As with all the current Godless Originals titles, the books will cost 50¢ and the royalties from MMF will go solely to the author. However, since we are paying for the cover art, formatting and editing, we would kindly ask that authors adhere to the standard Godless Platform 90 (author)/10 (Godless) split. We’re building an IP here but we are platform before publisher. Keep that in mind, please.

We strongly suggest that you read the Fucking Scumbags Burn in Hell and Godless League titles before submitting. That way, you'll fully understand how this new form of narrative series. 

Still with us?


Although we aren’t going to reveal the complete story arc for submissions (the full story arc will be written as a collaboration between Lucy Leitner and Drew Stepek) here is what you need to send us to pitch your idea.


We are looking for “bent on world domination,” mad scientist-driven, creature creations. These have to be written in the first-person point of view. That said, the more outrageous and ridiculous your creations are, the better. The creature can be a singular Frankenstein’s Monster or some sort of technology that creates monsters or destruction. Also, the more conceited and arrogant your scientist is...the better they will play into the universe. Both of these elements will also boost your character’s chances of becoming a recurring “franchise player” in the canon… and have us begging you for more.

We are playing this straight-faced. Keep that in mind, as well. This isn’t going to be cartoony. No matter how outrageous your scientist and creature are, the ridiculousness has to feel at home in a “somewhat” realistic setting. Your story can be set in any recent era, but the mad scientist must be alive and able to tell a story in 2021. 

Unlike, the Hoop titles, you can completely write in your own voice and your own universe. In other words, your stories will be standalone tales within a larger narrative. Write these as you and your scientist. We want readers to expect the unexpected. We want them to come back and read the next great monster story. And we also don’t want all the stories to be the same. We want readers to say… “Wow. What the fuck was that bullshit?”

As with Fucking Scumbags Burn in Hell and all the Hoop spinoff titles, the authors who participate in the first season will get dibs and a slot in the next seasons. And almost all of the authors from the first season of Scumbags are coming back to write more. This is another thing to keep in mind. Season 2 of FSBIH is almost already full. Mainly because the core team wants to continue.

I bet you thought this was going to be a monster universe version of Godless League, didn’t you?


Pitch us a mad scientist “creates a creature or creatures” story from the POV of a scientist obsessed with world domination. If you think world domination is too big of a thing to aspire to… then make it as stupid as you want. For instance, if the scientist created monsters to get the attention of some dopey professional wrestler--yeah--that works. Always question their intentions when you are dreaming them up.

  • Mad Scientist Name:
  • The lead mad scientist in the series is named Professor Cornielius Maximillian Schneck. Feel free to use fake names like Dr. Colossus Ironthorn. Since this is a wink at the ridiculousness of the mad scientist trope, make this whatever you want.

  • Describe Your Scientist in One Sentence
  • Give us the basics. We don’t need an origin story here. Schneck’s description would be “A wealthy and pompous blowhard, Schneck became a mad scientist for all the wrong reasons… because it was trendy.”  

  • Quick Description of Your First Creature
  • As we noted above, the more ridiculous and vile here, the better. The first story will be about one of Schneck’s older creations and will likely be called THE TRICLOPS HUMANOID BEACH APOCALYPSE! Don’t overthink this. Put some words on a wall and throw darts at it. But if you have been cooking up a great creature, continue to cook both sides.

    Length of Stories: 10K words

    That’s it. No need to overthink this because we believe the more outrageous and violent these stories are, the better. Think about how stupid Man of Steel was and all the destruction that Superman caused over a personal spat. Right? That’s what we want. Complete disregard for consequences.

    You don’t need to worry about fitting your story into the overall canon at all. Lucy and I will take care of that for you. NOTE: most of our mad scientists will be foiled by the end of their story so keep their failures top of mind.

    Note: If you’re chosen to write a story for season 1... 

    Once it is complete, we will read it (of course) and send you a series of follow-up questions about your story that you MUST answer AS your scientist. For example:

    Why did you create triclopses? Is that even a word? Is there a plural for something as dumb as a triclops? 

    Good luck. We look forward to hearing what you’ve got cooking back at the lab.

    Other things to keep in mind:

    • Try not to think pervy. Be creative. There is enough monster sex shit flooding the market.
    • Also, we don't want the scientist's actions to be justified. No victim scientists or sympathetic abominations, please.
    • Again. You are going to have a better chance of sending a successful pitch if you have read the Fuckign Scumbags Burn in Hell and Godless League series so far. These series are about collective thinking and this is not a request for an anthology. So, don't dust off some old ass monster story and think that we're just going to accept it. Write a fucking pitch, man. Wow us. 
    Hit me up as soon as you can at or use the contact form below.

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